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Well I avoid portupgrade as well, but that's because of it's bdb crap :-P.

Ruby is a great language for scripts and RoR still beats the hell out of the PHP stuff I've had to deal with. There's annoyances in any language and Ruby has them as well; most are from an unsurprising lack of going further or inherited from Perl.

It kind of irks me how long Ruby 1.8 has hung around - I expect to see Perl 6 and Ruby 2 enter "Production" after my death. If lucky, during my life time I just may get to see a C++0x become a standard, and common compilers support most of it.

Moving forward to ***modern*** versions of languages should happen every where. If the code can't run on releases made in the last 4-6 years, who ever is responsible needs to learn how to *maintain* code, write *maintainable* code, and know when it's *not* time to write more code. If you still have to use char* in place of void*, you have my condolences.
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