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Wink [SOLVED mostly ] kernel older than base

I've a BSD (freebsd, apologies for posting in OpenBSD, but maybe persons who browse OpenBSD might know, I've on my calendar to delete this post in a week's time if possible if someone messages or replies that no answer is available properly in this subforum)

kernel that is seven or so months behind the base. Thus
sendmail, cron, and seven other do not work, but by
nvidia.ko pf.ko and the older kernel, functionality was restored
( the custom kernel (older) works and the newer ( custom ) one
dumps core )...

Someone knows of which way to fix

adapt generic >> custom kernel file and test
adapt custom >> generic kernel file and test
know in advance of those two, if a line(s) in /boot/loader.conf are at fault.
or a fourth method.

I've also posted to the freebsd-current mail list... no reply so far.
Almost had no use of the newly installed system at all... so seeking
any and all expertise.

*mods* feel free place this post elsewhere if it should be there or
ask for editing so I can merge them somewhat if need be... as I
said above I plan to delete this post if it wastes anyones time...

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