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Old 21st April 2016
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Happened to fix it just then. Almost. some questions remain...
I used a GENERIC with minimal debugging and sound removed.
Still dumped core.
I moved loader.conf out of the way.
Works. ... uname r298350 from two days ago about.
Still to do... add in custom kernel settings / loader.conf (latter first) several lines at
a time to see where the problem may be.
If the loader.conf is fixed by a setting or two removed, then I may simply copy/reinstall
the custom kernel from that r298350 which has already been built and retest.

tl;dr the loader.conf probably has a problematic setting or one or several, and also
maybe the custom kernel is missing something essential to restore almost all of the
lines in the loader.conf. IOW it could be not one but 2 or three, but I suspect not more
than two problematic lines in the custom kernel and/or the loader.conf

At any rate it all appears workable right now. Just a matter of time
To reiterate, this is v11...
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