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Default ZFS, is it worth for my fileserver?

Hi everyone,

it is being a long time since I played around with FreeBSD! Need your expert opinion!

I currently run my home file server in an old HP Server which I have upgraded with 2X250GB drives in raid1. Until recently I was running 6.3. Now I went to 8.0 RC2!
I would like to upgrade my box and found that with 200$ I can have 4G ram and a 64bit CPU which are mandatory for ZFS (I read).
My question is does it worth running ZFS? Despite the cost which I'm wiling to spend since I don't want my old hardware to die...

Needles to say that for the past 4 years, UFS and a good UPS never let me down.

So, please... ZFS pros and cons...



Reson For Edit: Forgot to mention that my system only supports 2 HDs
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