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I see you guys went off topic here. I know for a fact my computer is being attacked by a stalker. I don't have a degree in computers or the relevent experience like you guys. i switched to openbsd to avoid the problem and it has worked to some extent.
How do i know i am getting hacked?

Every flavor of linux/unix i try crashes. My windows crashes. It never used to happen. i have checked the hard drive for error and the memory. i have dos attacks on my router from hundreds of ips. I have had all my email accounts hacked and passwords changed. I have the strictest firewall settings on all OSs. I have 30+ charector passwords. i have a wireless router with a strict firewall running wpa2 with 30+ random keys (numbers, upper, lower case, symbols). I keep up with patches and updates on all systems. I even have sudo disabled. I have to SU to wheel user then su to root to make changes. i have someone who posts to most forums i am in with taunts like, "i am going to start attacking your contacts now." i am pretty sure i am getting stalked. Why? i don't know. I don't have confidential data or any admin access to anything useful. It's probably some loser who knows i don't know much and they decided to make themselves feel powerful by attacking me. Sociopaths are everywhere. some are serial killers others are low level hackers who now they can't mess with people like you guys, who actually know something, so they target people who don't know anything.

So can someone help me? how do i trace an attack? i have googled it to death, but nothing i can understand comes up.

This week a new problem came up without making any changes. Now when i try to increase the backlight on my laptop, the backlight turns off completely. this happens in openbsd only.
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