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You're sounding paranoid, even delusional.. instead of jumping to the conclusion of a mass conspiracy.. consider the possibility of faulty hardware, or if you're receiving a lot of unsolicited network traffic (..99% of this is automated, not targeted) then ask your ISP to assist you, or even better.. just ignore it!

You can not be physically injured by a individual or group of invidious DoSing your home IP, unless you leave some gaping whole open that we're unaware of.. there is unlikely to be anyone who has remote access to your system.

Of course, nobody here can be certain that you aren't being targeted.. but it would take a considerable amount of time, effort (..and technical know-how) to even do what you're suggesting.

It sounds like someone has scared you into believing this, FUD, take the time to do some research about these subjects.. avoid such forums and/or antagonizing people.. and abandon the web identities that may be tracked back to you, if possible.

You need to be confident, determined, and unwavering.. just keep doing the things that are important to you.

I hope that helps, but really, I'm not qualified to be counselling you.
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