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WPA pre-shared key mode uses a 256-bit key. This key is either represented as a string of 64 Hexidecimal digits (and by convention, on Unix-like system they are represented beginning with 0x, such as 0xb7d130....), or as an 8 to 63-byte printable ASCII passphrase, such as "this is my passphrase" or MySecretKey or as you tried to use, 123456790.

If an ASCII passphrase is used, it is transformed into a 256-bit key via a cryptographic hash, using the SSID as a salt to 4096 iterations of HMAC-SHA1.

This transformation is the job of wpa_supplicant, if it finds an ASCII passphrase. You need not do this yourself. Just set psk="1234567890" in /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf if that is your ASCII passphrase.

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