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Default Bgp ospf conditional redistribute default

I'm trying to distribute a default route to my intern network thought ospf, but still searching the way to do this with the short path...

 BGP Provider A                              BGP Provider B
           |                                          |
           |                                          |
          BGP A                                     BGP B
           |                                          |
           |                                          |           |
           |                                          |           |
          GW 1                                      GW 3     GW 4
All BGP server have the full table of internet routing.
The BGP A and BGP B have a iBGP configured, and announce the x.y.0.0/20 network to providers.
The GWs and BGP A and BGP B have ospf daemon installed.
Gws announce the x.y.z.0/24 networks to all servers in the ospf.

In the beginning no default route was set for GWs.
I use the !route add -reject default command for the BGPA and BGPB. So now a have two default route for the GWs.

Now if i cut down the bgp session between the BGPs A, the default gateway of the GW still is the BGPA. I means the transit is:
GW1 -> BGP A -> BGP B -> BGP provider B

I would like what the ospf announce the default route only if the bgp session is active.

I miss something ?
Anyone know how to do what ?

Best Regards.

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