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Default Apache & PHP

I've got a system that's pretty old with FreeBSD 4.9 on it..

I think I've found a way to process remote directories which will require SSHFS put on.. but I was thinking due to how old it is etc. it's maybe easier to install some .tar.gz package that would be a ready to go Apache/PHP (don't need mysql)

I've got cvsup running now with the parameters.. RELENG_4_9; which I guess I'm not really sure what that's going to do or if sshfs will suddenly show up in ports/sysutils/ (it's at the moment deleting every single port.. I probally haven't run it in like 2-3, 4 years)

I would also prefer to run apache on a different port as I already have some old apache13 or 2 running on normal 80 through a cp.. (so I know if I find the config file easy etc. should be fairly simple)

So I was wondering if you guys could point out a easy apache/php untar distribution that has simple scripts for starting it up.. like ./start

I'd like to do.. apache 2.0.61 and php5.2.6 if I can..or close too it..
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