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Originally Posted by JMJ_coder View Post

Let's be realistic. In everything, the majority of people don't care to learn. There is a small group who are proficient and those trying to learn, and those who can't be bothered and 'just want it to work'.

When you go to the furniture store, do you care how a dovetail joint is created, or do you just want a table? There are many fine woodworkers who could carve a dovetail in their sleep with hand tools, but most people just want the table and want to not to break.

How many people can work on their car? They don't care! They just want to push the gas pedal and have the car move. If the car breaks down, they don't care why, they just want it fixed - NOW!! They don't want the mechanic to explain the innards of the valve train or tell them how to fix it, they just want it fixed. Even those who might have some inkling that they can fix it themselves (hey, I'll save me some money) just want a quick tutorial on how to fix it and don't want to know the fundamentals of automotive engineering. And they will call with the most inane questions and just want a quick answer (and I have heard some whoopers as a mechanic and parts clerk).

So yes, I think the majority of those who use computers (machine-independent) just want the stupid contraption to work without knowing or caring how or why.
I agree with Scottro, it's a great illustration JMJ.

But what if the table breaks and you've got to fix it yourself? xD.

The worlds always been this way, few wants to plant crops or hunt for food let along cook it but everyone wants to eat it. The people that actually do, if they go extinct and there is noone who knows how this worlds gonna be in a bad way.

It's very easy for someone to just chuck it off on someone else but someday it will catch up to people. I remember, I was once looking for a (portable) library to provide an implementation of FTP and an API for usage in a small project.

Off Google I found a thread where someone asked how to do something similar to what I was needing, through Java's out of box stock of things. Someone told the lad to go implement FTP himself and learn how to do it instead of ask to be told how.

I thought it was a rather strange thing to do, after all who wants to write an implementation of the FTP protocol for a small project if you don't have to.

The old mans reply to the thread followed the format of: Because, if no one in this world ever implements the FTP Protocol the knowledge of how will pass away.

I'd hate to write an FTP lib but I think that googled thread and the old programmer has a good point.

Some day, we will all sit and wonder, how the heck did our great, great, grand-programmers do it.

Because we also forgot how to write emulators because we always pawned off the task on someone else who knew better. And because no body left alive wanted to learn about how application binary interfaces work, that ideas out of the question too.

And what on earth is ANSI C? It's the year 2262 and Python is the oldest language still in use, and almost no body remembers how to use it because it is so hard to code in.

So how do I get my music off this server? Moving parts in data storage are so 2160s 8=) it ain't going to fit in my Neo-Dell , unless maybe I jam it in the porti-crystal slot?

-> the past can come back to byte the future in the tush if the present generation is not careful.
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