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Originally Posted by ocicat View Post
After searching for information on dokuwiki, I see that it isn't in pkgsrc. So, where did you get it?
Main site:

First download I tried, the latest version:

I was running this one on my old system:

Installation is as simple as extracting the tgz to a directory that is accessible from apache (well at least that is what I have done in the past). I put it under htdocs/dokuwiki - setting the owner and group to www. Then using a browser navigate to that folder "dokuwiki/install.php" fill out the installation portion and the wiki should be setup.

I have tried both of those versions (fresh installs to different directories) and still the same issue. I'll try other older versions once I get home and see if that helps. At first I thought it may be my data from the older wiki was somehow corrupted. But later tests with the 'fresh' copies confirmed the same behaviour.

Likewise, it appears that you asked this on the dokuwiki forum a month ago:

Did you get any kind of response then?
There was a response today, but I have already tried out a brand new install with none of my data or templates and I still get the same thing, so the response doesn't really help.

At this point I am not sure where the problem lies - the php script dokuwiki or the apache configuration or php5. Is there anyway to trace.debug the php scripts to see what is happening?

Cheers and thanks for the replies,
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