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Default Help Enabling Cisco VPN Client Traffic on PF

At home I use cisco vpn client to remote into work. Can anyone PLEASE help me enable this type of traffic in PF?

Help is greatly appreciated.



INT_NET="{ }"

TCP_PORTS = "{ www ssh }"
UDP_PORTS = 'domain'

set block-policy drop
set skip on lo0

nat on $EXT from $INT_NET -> ($EXT:0)
match on pppoe0 scrub (reassemble tcp max-mss 1440) 

block log all

pass out on $EXT tagged OK  

pass in on $INT inet proto tcp from $INT_NET to any port $TCP_PORTS tag OUT_OK 
pass in on $INT inet proto udp from $INT_NET to any port $UDP_PORTS tag OUT_OK
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