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Default Xtracting Data after Fragmentation / Block Count / Partition Problems on Boot


Another fine mess I found myself intrigued with.

I've had my OpenBSD on an older box for some time; and have upgraded/updated/snapshotted several times.

During the last few installs (snapshot + xfce4), my mouse would freeze on occasion, while working with a browser (FF, Epiphany and Midori). Reading from the other posts (regarding security), I've taken the practice of "resetting the always on modem".

Having the machine freeze forces a manual reset/reboot of the machine. I get the fragmentation notices during the reboot. Since the frequency of the 'freezing" increased, I was about to do a backup and reinstall from another snapshot, when I was notified that
the "/dev/rwd0k (which is /home) had the following output displayed:

1) Incorrect block count (corrected)
2) Partially truncated INODE (I=######)
3) Unexpected Inconsistency, try fsck_ffs
4) "Automatic File System Check failed, Help!", with options to enter a shell directory or pressing <ENTER> for sh:

Since I needed to compile a report for a court hearing very soon - and "home" being the only directory afflicted, other unexplained phenomenon need to be addressed.

There are other peculiar actions going on. For instance, while I was working late at night and noticed the hard drive get very busy for awhile (I was using a browser), I raised "top" on the terminal. I noticed a "find" function being run by root (I wasn't logged in as root; and I'm the only user for this box), which disappeared while I was trying to raise the system monitor app. The "find" app/process wasn't available on both process listings (should be available for a bit, since some history is retained post usage).

Q1 - on "find as root": If this were a background process by the OS, should it be run by "system"? Could this be a hack job?

Q2: Any way I can mount /dev/rwd0k (/home) with its "inconsistencies" and backup the files so I can do a reinstall?

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