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Originally Posted by jggimi View Post
OpenBSD 4.1 has not been supported for two years. In this particular instance, if you insist on adding features to someone's turn-key MP3 player, you should contact the author, who is mentioned at the website you reference.

If you'd like to learn the rudiments of managing OpenBSD, so that you can determine exactly what you can or cannot do with it, start with a general modern complete release. If you don't have spare hardware, OpenBSD can be installed in a virtual machine (such as Qemu) on an existing OS, such as Windows.
The author of the "distro" is a quite well known Slovakian system administrator who specializes in FreeBSD. The floppy in question as well as similar firewall version of OpenBSD 4.1 were created by him while he tried to learn something about OpenBSD. I think, I recall him asking something trivial on misc@ about a year ago.
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