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Originally Posted by insomniadmx View Post

My friend gave me a banged up old Toshiba Satellite 1805-S253 laptop.
That's a fairly usable laptop, this should be a Pentium 3 laptop.. much faster then some of my secondary workstations.
Originally Posted by insomniadmx View Post
I didn't want to buy a new HDD or boot from a CD or flash drive, so I thought I'd use a floppy (or two if I absolutely have to).
A floppy drive is rather low capacity, you can't possible create a usable workstation with that kind of constraint.. specifications I've located indicate it has a USB port, why not use a flash drive? your BIOS might support booting from it.

Originally Posted by insomniadmx View Post
I found precompiled versions of both of these on in a file index of OpenBSD 4.1 apps on the web.

Calcoo gives me a nondescript error message "Abort trap" and ee gives me a bunch of jumbled letters.
First of all, packages have dependencies.. this specific graphical calculator package depends on a lot of things, X11 libraries.. GLIB.. GTK.. FreeType... PNG... and quite a bit more.

This package index may have even been for a different architecture.. OpenBSD supports far more then your traditional x86-based laptop.

And in conclusion, OpenBSD 4.1 is not supported anymore.. nor are 3rd party derivatives.. please consider obtaining either a replacement hard drive or a sufficient USB flash device.

Using the official installation CD-ROM would be your best choice, even a default installation is quite small when compared with other modern Unix systems.
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