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Originally Posted by roddierod View Post
Having never read this book, I don't understand why it would tell you to use xorgcfg after you have the X11 initial screen working. Using xorgcfg is used to setup X to get the initial screen. What does it says xorgcfg -textmode is going to do for you?

What you need to do is what anomie suggest and setup a Desktop Environment as that is what you referred to as the GUI.
My mistake to use that term "initial", but I already re-phrased it earlier as "test screen" (grey with an X in the middle, where the X can be moved by mouse).
The "initial screen" as I see figured in the book is "...running under the bare-bones TWM window manager".
I never got that far though.

It's probably best I leave this a day and try again tomorrow with /usr/sbin/sysinstall and a fresher head
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