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Default Mounting a NetBSD partition from OpenBSD

Hello !

I'd be thankful if anyone would explain why this is the case :
In OpenBSD :
Mounting an external OpenBSD ffs partition (eg. /dev/sd0h ) , this line in fstab will do the job :
/dev/sd0h /home/daemonf/ffs ffs ro,noauto 0 0
But mounting a NetBSD partition in OpenBSD , /dev/sd0a won't work .. instead :
/dev/sd0i /home/daemonf/ffs ffs ro,noauto 0 0
is it because I allocated only one big partition for / ? then it takes sd0i ?
In what way is it similar to a msdos disk then ?

The other question :
When I mount an external ffs as rw , most times it works without problems but I recall a few times when I received warning messages (that I need to check filesystem .. or simply fail to mount one rw )
Why do both instances happen ?

Thank you so much !!
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