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lol , Mr Barti's waging an OS war .. how funny it turns as we -newbies- start the flame .. hehe .. well, true hackers know which is which .. why .. how .. so they approach issues like these with care or with zen silence ..
barti , I've always loved Linux for specific purposes :
Linux4astro --> astronomy
Poseidon Linux (based on PcLinuxOS) ---> oceanography
wattOS ---> youtube !!!! . old machines ..
Backtrack ---> (sadly now based on ubuntu) sec/
ZenEdu --> education
plamo/doudou/eduknoppix etc ---> children
plus numerous localized Gnu-Linuxes ... plus many other Xfuncion or Xpurpose Gnu-Linuxes
a need .. a passion .. a legacy .. a course of events .. digital karma :-)
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