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Default chroot MacOSX and put net into BSD shared Kernel?

Dear All

I need to know how is the best thing to do.


Scenario: MacBook Pro (15-inch, Mid 2012) (Kingston SSD drive)


4 Partitions:

Boot Partition just with rEFInd.

Second Partition; Free B.S.D. Kernel.

Thirth Partition, change root in a jail, with my kitsch; Mac O.S.X.

Fourth Partition, change root in a jail, just with the libraries and Modules, that run all network interface's on Mac O.S.X.


So I'm sure I'm able to do all the stuff, except the fourth partition. In that partition I like to put those modules and libraries that are already in userland, running an original MacOS X.

I thought about the Problem, the need of a Virtual MacOS X system that just starts up to run those modules and Libraries.

If I let the fourth partition some where in the clouds of imagination and construct, I have a lack of awareness.;.; So I boot, from rEFInd, and start Free B.S.D., log in to Tenex C. Shell, and start the MacOS V.M.;. Fine. so I'm still exposing my kitsch system and the B.S.D. System as well.

I want to build in a proper manner, just to admire the beauty, of a passion flower, in a cold winter in spring.

Thank you in advance, for the good advice, and all suggestions that matter's.

Sincerely Ioknod
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