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Old 11th October 2008
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No font problems here. There is a port called, I think, urw-fonts you can install your end to fix that.

The dbus errors can be fixed by enabling dbus. I think the port will have inserted an init script in /usr/local/etc/rc.d, and reading that script should tell you what line to insert into rc.conf to enable it.

You can get /var/log/all.log by editing syslog.conf and uncommenting the appropriate entry, creating /var/log/all.log, chown/chmodding it to root:wheel rw------- (0600 in octal) and restarting syslogd. It logs all messages, and has proved itself useful in tracking down issues for me.

So much for the off-topics.

On topic: Look, I have no idea why it is still not working - maybe it is that dbus thing, but I doubt it - but you seem to have given yourself read-write access to ugen0, so i have no explanation why it is not working. Can you turn on any debug options on xsane? (I just read the man page and it didn't show me any debug options.)

Nope, I'm stumped.
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