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Originally Posted by killasmurf86 View Post
how do you expect FreeBSD settings to affect your serial console at boot time, when fbsd ain't even loaded....???
Not possible!!!

Besides, BIOS boot is same every time..... unless some hardware fails, or someone hacks PC guts, without telling you....
you will still notice changes in dmesg, in this case
You're right, the BIOS has nothing to do with FreeBSD. I did find another FreeBSD option that gives us more of the boot text. We have to put the option


in /boot.config, and that lets us see almost all of the FreeBSD boot session. The only thing that we don't see is the actual part that shows when it is loading these parameters, just before it displays the big FreeBSD splash page, but that's technically still in BIOS land. We don't see any of the BIOS boot messages, although I do have the BIOS set to use a serial console at 115200 baud. So I'm not sure what's going on there, but at least I have all of the core FreeBSD text displaying properly at 115200 baud.

Thanks for the replies. We're almost there.
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