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Default Problems with ntfs partition located on a SATA driver.

Hi everyone,
I am a new FreeBSD user and I currently have 2 harddisks, one ATA which has the main BSD slice on it and one SATA that serves as storage. (Note that the partition on the SATA drive is ntfs).

I first installed BSD without plugging in the SATA HD, and everything went well. However, when I plug in the SATA driver after I turn off my computer and rebooted, my boot screen freezes and my computer froze and I can't login.

Knowing that SATA HDS allows you to Hot-swap, I turned on the system, and plugged in the harddisk while BSD was on. Everything worked fine, and I can mount it using the mount command.

However, I realized that when I turn off my computer and rebooted, I get the same error. What is the most effective way to go about this problem? I don't want to manually do this procedure over and over again.
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