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Default Simple Firewall with PF

Hi, this thread could fit into many different forums here, please move it if it will suit somewhere else better

I am trying to set up my laptop(PC-BSD 7.0) to act as a router allowing my eee running OpenBSD to connect to my university wireless network.

The uni network use a WPA-Enterprise network, that isnt supported by openbsd yet, but i have working with the PC-BSD laptop. The network uses a proxy for http connections, but this might also effect other traffic I havent found a conclusive result yet.

I have two network interfaces rum0(connects to uni wireless) and bge0 (to connect to the OpenBSD machine).

I am not entirely sure the steps i need to set this up, so far i have gotten a basic pf.conf together(mostly gleamed for the book of PF), but with this config the PC-BSD machine cannot get any connection to the outside world.

ext_if = "rum0"         ##Macro for uniwireless network
int_if = "bge0"         ##Macro for openbsd network
localnet = $int_if:network
client_out = "{ssh, domain, auth, nntp,http,\
udp_services = "{domain}"
icmp_types = "{ echoreq,unreach }"

nat on $ext_if from $localnet to any -> ($ext_if)

block all

pass quick inet proto {tcp, udp} from $localnet to any port $udp_services
pass log inet proto icmp all icmp-type $icmp_types
pass inet proto tcp from $localnet to any port $client_out
Any help with getting this connection up and running is much appreciated
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