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Default Xen on NetBSD to be like Qubes?

Is it possible to use Xen from pkgsrc to set up NetBSD like Qubes? I'd
like to be able to install other operating systems (OS) then run programs
from them without even logging into them. So, the reason isn't paranoia
(Qubes is suggested for high security,) just wanting to run more pre-
built packages from some other OS distributions (distros.) In Qubes, you
can just set X/KDE/etc. programs from other distros to run from the X/KDE
menu (maybe also command-line programs somehow.) What I don't like about
Qubes (besides Redhat/systemd style) is I've heard you only have a root
account, and while it was fun in the days of DOS to not even have an
account, I'm used to having a wheel user, and non-privileged user now, and
need that... of course, NetBSD already allows that. I know you can
already login to an entire distro's X desktop with Xen, but it'd be too
inconvenient to have to, or to have to set up dozens of menu entries
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