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Originally Posted by shep View Post
+Simple, Stable
+Good base to learn from
-None core security updates are no longer available until the next release
-/+Runs a little slower but in exchange for security (encrypted swap by default)

+Good base to learn from
You meant "non" there, right? that's not entirely true, there are -STABLE ports tree updates occasionally.. there just aren't any packages being built yet I believe.

A lot of systems encrypt swap by default these days, the performance hit isn't usually that noticeable.

Indeed I've been using Unix-like operating systems for quite awhile now, OpenBSD is closer to being the modern day equivalent of that once simplistic operating system.. Linux/FreeBSD/NetBSD/Solaris are monstrous beasts by comparison.

I exaggerate of course, but, comparatively there is a lot of pollution going on in those communities.. I recall seeing a recent Linux livecd boot and was amazed at how complex and over-engineered it is, so many dependencies and services.
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