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Some of you, like Carpetsmoker in this post, have used such a drive without any problem.
Please note that I do not have a Passport drive, (we used to sell them though), I just tested one because maxrussell was having so much trouble with it.

In any case, you're right about the 650mA, this is why a password drive comes with two USB connectors.
Some mainboards/laptops may be able to provide 650mA on just one USB connector, but I would not count on it.

Why not just get some new/used 2.5" hard drive and a custom SATA <--> USB2.0 enclosure, its about $5 for such enclosure, I use something like that myself and it works very good, buying WD Passport you are just paying extra cash just for the Brand
A 250GB 2.5″ disk is 69EUR.
A Iomega 250GB 2.5″ disk 79EUR, this is with casing.

We don't sell Passport drives anymore, but the price was about the same as the Iomega ...
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