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Originally Posted by ddocksta View Post
is there any reason though that openbsd would not work on an intel platform?
You are really asking two questions.
  • Yes, it is possible to construct a non-standard motherboard utilizing an Intel CPU which is not recognized.
  • Is this the problem you are experiencing? I don't find mention of your motherboard on misc@, but this is not a definitive answer. Further searching indicates that this is yet another consumer motherboard marketed by Intel, so my guess is that it is not too exotic. Likewise, misc@ does indicate support for other quad-core Intel CPU's.
The fact that you say that freezing occurs during compiling indicates that OpenBSD has already been installed & must run at least to some degree if you are using a compiler.

So, here are two more questions & a suggestion:
  • Have you installed a different compiler or using the default?
  • Which kernel are you using?

    I would suggest experimenting with booting / instead of /bsd. At the boot> prompt seen when booting the system, enter / More information can be found in the boot(8) manpage as well as Section 14.6 of the FAQ:
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