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Spoofed, not hacked.

Knowing only that you are a Gmail customer .... let's read the Email header together.

One of Gmail's mail transfer agent servers (generically, received this Email from IP address, a server that resolved to

Everything under that could be fake, but a quick check of blacklists at shows that is trustworthy at this time. Let us assume the next connection shown in the headers is real. The next MTA connection was from, which resolved to

The next received does not look correct, however. It is apparently from, but it also refers to a loopback address, and "" resolves to a different IP address. It's mail servers also do not resolve to that address. This part of the message is false. Nothing below it can be trusted. is a domain through, and its contacts are privacy protected. You can contact the privacy company, but then contacting the domain owner that way is less likely to be effective than reaching out to the server's ISP: I recommend contacting their abuse desk for assistance.

If you do not actually have this email in your "Sent" folder, it is unlikely to have originated from your account at all, it is just a random ID plugged into some spam to cause confusion. Successfully.
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