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Originally Posted by rocket357 View Post
Doesn't google check dkim and SPF records?
(I'd thought this question was regarding Google's DMARC reporting.)

My DMARC configuration is set to "p=none" - rather than quarantine or reject. For two reasons: 1) the domain is a recent addition and I want to be sure SPF/DKIM are working correctly, and 2) the mail server is used to send to mailing lists mail every so often, as it is a personal server.

Mailing lists and DMARC do not go well together, and that includes lists.

Just this morning, Google sent another consolidated DMARC report. The report said 1350 Emails processed. Now, I do not know how many of those may be spoofs, because because the server sent two Emails to an mailing list in the prior 24 hours, and two Emails to a user. My hope is the majority of the 1350 are valid.

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