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Originally Posted by Oko View Post
I am not 100% sure what are you trying to accomplish
Thanks for the reply. Here's an example:
*.cc:	*.hh
This ensures that every .cc file depends on every .hh file so when a header gets touched, it forces everything depending on a .cc file to get rebuilt. The downside of course is that I can touch and make a header out of nothing and every object gets rebuilt for no reason. I'm looking for a way to say that a specific .cc file depends on the .hh file with the same name (i.e. depends on foo.hh, depends on bar.hh, and so on) to the effect that when I modify foo.hh then foo.o gets rebuilt. I know about mkdep, which basically does this plus more, but I was looking for a way to do it in make. Half out of curiosity, half because it may be useful for other things that mkdep doesn't understand.

Also, I should note this isn't for anything in Ports or the rest of the system, but I'll check out the system make files for ideas.
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