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Originally Posted by Mantazz View Post
First, my mouse daemon still dies when I come back out of suspend, I have to 'kill -HUP' to get it back. Is there a way to automate this? I would like to be able to invoke 'zzz' as a non-root user (without sudo preferably) and have it reinitialize the mouse daemon automatically. Currently I have to sudo for zzz and then of course sudo again to 'kill -HUP' on the mouse daemon.
In /etc/rc.suspend and /etc/rc.resume mate, check man acpiconf for details.

Originally Posted by Mantazz View Post
Second, I can't find a way to get my laptop to automatically go to sleep when I close the lid. FreeBSD recognizes the lid switch, but I can't seem to associate it with 'zzz'. I use KDE as my desktop environment, and in power management I can associate actions with closing the lid but suspend is not a choice that it gives me.
You will have to create your custom script to monitor sysctl if your lid is closed, and make some actions when it will happen, but maybe someone will find better sollution.
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