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Default Mismatched versions after -current upgrade

The machine doesn't appear to be suffering any issues other than showing different versions after upgrading to -current.

Last login: Sat Mar 17 23:34:59 2018 from ...
OpenBSD 6.3 (GENERIC) #447: Wed Mar 14 12:21:02 MDT 2018

Welcome to OpenBSD: The proactively secure Unix-like operating system.

Please use the sendbug(1) utility to report bugs in the system.
Before reporting a bug, please try to reproduce it with the latest
version of the code.  With bug reports, please try to ensure that
enough information to reproduce the problem is enclosed, and if a
known fix for it exists, include that as well.

dev1$ dmesg |head -1
OpenBSD 6.2 (GENERIC) #5: Fri Feb  2 22:32:17 CET 2018
dev1$ uname -a
OpenBSD 6.3 GENERIC#447 i386
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