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You're looking for something along these lines...

nat on $ext_if inet tagged MYIN2OUT -> ($ext_if:0)
# STMT 2
pass in log quick on $int_if inet \
 from ($int_if:network) to any \
 tag MYIN2OUT \
 keep state
# STMT 3
pass out log quick on $ext_if inet \
 tagged MYIN2OUT \
 keep state
In the order of precedence, your traffic originating on your $int_if:network and destined for the internet is FIRST inspected and passed by SMTM#2, then NAT translation occurs by STMT#1, and is then inspected and passed by STMT#3.

The use of tag/tagged means you -- the pf.conf author -- don't need to know the real IP source/dest translations at the point of each statement to write a clean (and leak-proof) pf.conf.

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