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The purpose of that queueing is that I have a content web server that is reached via another link at my ISP. The situation is as follows:
1) Our network --> the GW I'm working on
2) the GW I'm working on --> our ISP
3.1) our ISP --> Internet
3.2) our ISP ----> content server at different link

The link to that content server is at very limited bandwidth, that's why I want to make sure noone could 'takeover' all the bandwidth.
So you say that queue download and queue upload should be swapped here?
pass in log (all to pflog0) quick on $int_if from <network> to <tusite> keep state tag to_data label "to_data" queue upload
pass out log (all to pflog1) quick on $ext_if tagged to_data label "from_data" queue download
You are right, I will check that a bit later.

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