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Originally Posted by badguy View Post
Ok i guess i ll leave it then but just so i know, if i wanted to uninstall a native app that comes with the base install how would you do that? pkg_delete only removes what is listed under pkg_info and the native snmpd is not listed there
You own and manage your own OS; you can do whatever you want with it. You can remove and replace binaries, libraries, man pages, scripts, tools. The choice is yours.

But it is never a good practice to remove a userland component.
  1. Excepting MTAs - which are a special case - a 3rd party package that is a different version of a userland component will always use different names for its executable programs. This is on purpose, to avoid confusing 3rd party tools with native tools.
  2. If you remove/replace a userland component as you wish to do, you will have built what the developers call a "Frankensystem." You're on your own for support.
If you insist on using the same name, consider setting aliases in your shell.

-- Edited to add --

The special case is is managed by mailwrapper(8) and mailer.conf(5).

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