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Actually I did not nuke it. I just asked so I know how it is done (in case in future I run into a similar problem.) I have both snmp and net-snmp up and running. I guess my previous problem was that I had them misconfigured (i.e. setting up net-snmp and pointing default-snmp to net-snmp's conf file)

I modified my rc.local and that takes care of things for now

if [ -x /usr/local/sbin/snmpd ]; then
echo -n ' snmpd'; /usr/local/sbin/snmpd
I didnt have to even specify the conf file location where snmpd points to in rc.local bcos when creating the conf file I used "-i" so it know where to find the conf file an not point to the wrong one

-i When finished, install the files into the location where the
global system commands expect to find them.
tail -f /var/log/snmpd shows no errors. It shows successful UDP connections. Dont know much bout snmp but im pretty sure its working. i will stick with the rule "it works dont f*** with it"

will mess with it later if i get bored
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