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Well, OpenBSD(Unlike FreeBSD) has the sensors sysctl framework and many drivers (30+) for showing temperature/fan speeds/voltages etc..(And sensorsd(8) for monitoring them..)

hw.sensors.it0.temp0=70.00 degC
hw.sensors.it0.fan0=3813 RPM

As for FreeBSD, I found which seems like someone you might like.. The coretemp(4) driver might be able to show some additional temperature information on your Core Duo system.

Originally Posted by ua549
The documentation indicates it needs i2c and gnome.
Yes, but the i2c frameworks are incompatible between Linux and FreeBSD, heck, they're differences between OpenBSD and FreeBSD.

That program is also closed source, porting it wouldn't be possible..

Anyway, some relevant FreeBSD man pages..

Disk utilties.. messuring transfer rates, etc..

Sensors/Watchdog timer utilties.. etc..

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