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Originally Posted by openbsdguy View Post
...I have already downloaded all of the files listed in the error and placed in the "/usr/ports/distfiles/" directory...
Thanks for clarifying your problem. It looks, to me, that you have still not read through your make output carefully enough. That is because the error message says you are missing a 1.5 jdk distfile.

It is likely that while you have all of your distfiles for 1.6, you have not noticed that the make is attempting to build 1.5 first... unfortunately, 1.5 is a build dependency for 1.6. See the BUILD_DEPENDS variable in the 1.6 Makefile.
Originally Posted by BSDfan666 View Post
...isn't the jdk/jre 1.7 port.. (OpenJDK).. available as a package?
Yes, the license for Sun Java 1.7 is GPLv2, with a CLASSPATH exception. This allows binary distribution. Packages are available beginning with 4.4-release.
Why use 1.{5,6} instead of that?
Application or feature dependencies. Example: 1.7 does not have a Mozilla plugin, earlier versions do.
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