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Originally Posted by windependence View Post
I agree with Terry here.

Also, I think many Linux users have the wrong idea about what BSD is generally used for. I know you CAN use it for a desktop if you want to, but that isn't where it shines or where it's purpose really is. Servers. Period. It does servers and it does it very very well, I dare say it blows Linux in the weeds. Mission critical server apps is what i do with it. No GUI - anywhere.

All of the BSD projects are General Purpose Operating Systems, they can be and are used for many different purposes.

The mentality that BSD is and only should be used in a Server environment is also a common Linux community mentality.

FreeBSD in some regards is favoured by people trying to use BSD on the desktop, but OpenBSD and NetBSD also work very well in this regard.. they wouldn't support X11 + DRM/DRI 3D acceleration or high quality sound chipsets if nobody ever intended for them to be used as "workstations" or "desktops".

Therefor I humbly ask that you stop spreading this misinformation.
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