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There are no instructions on how to install it or how work with it.

11.5.2 - startx(1) startup
startx(1) looks for the file .xinitrc in the user's home directory. .xinitrc is usually a shell script, which can start as many X "client" (applications that use X) programs as desired. When this script exits, the X server shuts down. Generally, most of the programs run by this script should run in the background, though the last one should run in the foreground (typically the window manager); when it exits, the script will exit, and X will be shutdown.
In the simplest case, this can be as little as just the name of the window manager you wish to invoke:


Or you can get a little more fancy:
xconsole -geometry -0+0 -fn 5x7 &
oclock -geometry 75x75-0-0 &
xsetroot -solid grey &



startx and .. the gray stuff .
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