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barti, if you have the expectation that all information relating to OpenBSD can be found in glossy, pretty, easy-to-read how-to documents, your expectation will not be met.

The OpenBSD project is very small. There is no significant help infrastructure in place which fills in all blanks in comparison to larger Unix-like projects. However, the correctness of the OpenBSD manpages is paramount to the developers -- bugs in the manpages have the same importance as bugs in the system.

There is a precise hierarchy as to how much "trust" can be place on all information:
  1. OpenBSD's source code.
  2. OpenBSD's man pages.
  3. Any information found on the OpenBSD project's Website.
  4. Information found in OpenBSD's mailing lists -- especially statements made by developers.
  5. Third-party documentation not officially blessed by the project has dubious value -- including anything said on sites like this one.
Don't trust information found randomly on the Internet. It is frequently old, out-of-date, incomplete, or flat out wrong.

Coming from the Linux community, you have been dealt a disservice. There, one group focuses exclusively on the kernel. Lots of other groups deal with coming up with the various distributions, & no one is really responsible for the documentation. So, there are a number of unrelated efforts which attempt to fill in the holes through their own "howto" documents. The result is an unorganized mess where there are islands of documents stating that "this is all you need to know".

The OpenBSD project doesn't believe in howto documents, & most likely never will in the future. Users are expected to have enough intelligence to read the manpages & other project documentation for comprehension -- meaning thinking through what has been written to fill in the holes that may exist themselves.

Discipline is required.
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