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Originally Posted by J65nko View Post
The first poster used a 4.6 snapshot

This is newer then 4.6 release.

Burn a snapshot CD and see how that goes.
Hmm, I thought 4.6 release was in late October. Well, anyway, I've re-downloaded the latest snapshot from FTP (/pub/OpenBSD/snapshots/i386/install46.iso, file date Jan 15th) and retried everything again. Same sad story...

This time with I noticed that the "(I)nstall (U)pgrade (S)hell" prompt (black bg) does appear when I use "disable pckbc", but the keyboard isn't working and I have no way to communicate with it before the screen gets flooded with the aforementioned "uhub[#]: [...]" error lines (blue bg). I think this prompt also appeared with the 4.6 release CD as well, it just scrolled off-screen before I could recognize what it was.

I also tried disabling pckbd in addition to pckbc - this resulted in output ending with: "dumping to dev 1101, offset 0", "dump error 19", and "rebooting ..." (which it never did, until I used the power button a few minutes later) prior to it ever getting to the black-bg I/U/S prompt.

Originally Posted by ocicat View Post
Assuming that this is a relatively new laptop, disabling APM will not make any difference given that ACPI is the default in newer SMBIOS versions: [...]
The laptop is just celebrated its 4th birthday.

Yeah, it looks like "disable apm" doesn't affect my issue at all. My bad if it was wrong of me to append to this thread instead of starting a new one.

I'm really hoping someone will suggest something else I can try to resolve this...
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