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Default porting Firefox 3.5.15 to OpenBSD 4.8

I'm interested in trying to build firefox 3.5.15 on a just installed 4.8 amd64 system.

I am familiar with basic compiling and Slackware build scripts but the OpenBSD system looks to be more complex.

I'm thinking about renaming the firefox35 port to a backup and reconstructing an updated port using the cvs makefile, patches, files etc and using pkg_create. Although there has been mention of reviving binary updates I have yet to find any so I am assuming you need to compile

I found It looks like I would need to update the base system then proceed with ports. At this time there are no patches for 4.8 so a full cvs update doesn't seem necessary - do I need maintain the same revision?

Is this a good approach? Any pointers appreciated

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