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Originally Posted by shep View Post
My goal is still to update firefox35 for the 4_8 patch branch...
Yes, this is why your change in discussion topic warranted splitting the thread.
  • The original poster was asking whether a -stable port of Firefox could be run on -release.
  • Your thread asked how to build Firefox 3.5 on OpenBSD 4.8.
Yes, the thread titles might be the same, but that is where the similarity ends. I am the one bringing up Firefox 3.5 only as an example to explain how to mine CVS for the answer asked -- "How do I determine if a newer version of Firefox is available for -stable?". The OP is most likely interested in Firefox 3.6 or newer versions as he specifically expressed concern over taking advantage of recent security updates.

Your question, while valid, went in a different direction & most likely discussion was going to continue to diverge from that of the OP. If discussion were to get further mired into building details, the OP might give up thinking everything is way too complicated, where building was not really part of his question at this point.

Yes, my decision was based in part on where I anticipated discussion was likely to go, & I wanted to minimize any growing confusion already taking place. Perhaps you (or others) don't agree with my action. That's fine. Let us then agree to disagree.
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