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Originally Posted by two4two View Post
Yes, I looked in there. There is a member called gnome-platform-2.32.1.tgz. What would be the package name?
I think the package name gnome-platform-2.32.1, or simply gnome-platform, could be used. See the EXAMPLES section of the pkg_add(1) man page.

And is this the entire gnome package?
This I don't know, having never used gnome.

So where do I point PKG_PATH and what package name do I specify in order to get all of gnome?
I use the following
Before copying this verbatim, you might want to change i386 to your architecture, for example amd64, if it's different. Also note the final directory /All contains all packages available in a single directory (it's like a union of all the individual directories for specific types of things).

As for a package name for all of gnome, again it's beyond my experience. Did you see this list of brief meta-package descriptions? Perhaps someone else who has installed a full gnome may chip in some advice. Or google may help. Or if you want to experiment you could start with relevant sounding meta-packages and see how far you get, then try to add what else you need. gnome-2.26.2nb3 sounds like a good one to start with.

Oh, one other question, does NetBSD have a GUI-based software selection/installation tool?
I'm not aware of one, but that doesn't mean much as it's not the kind of thing I would normally use.

BTW, welcome to daemonforums!
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