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Originally Posted by backrow View Post
It works fine here out of the box.
Surprise! Posting with netsurf-fb right now. It works indeed, BUT...

there is a problem with the character encoding. That is why I could not log in yesterday. The browser just wasn~t sending the password I thought I was typing
(for instance slash gives me an ampersand, semi-colon and colon give me < and > respectively, Umlauts are dead as is any combination with the Alt modifier)

I changed my password temporarily to just contain characters I know I can successfully type.

I have these settings

"de.nodead" in kbdtype (in etc)
"de_DE.UTF-8" as LC_CTYPE in .profile (in $HOME)
X11 is started with the startx command

All keys & characters seem to work fine in an xterm, but not in netsurf-fb.

Is there anything I might be overlooking *question mark* (<- gotta be inventive)
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