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Originally Posted by fvgit View Post
Am I right to assume in this case I will just have to wait for full character support for the time being?
My first instinct is that SDL is grabbing the keys in a way that ignores the X keyboard settings. Maybe try the XCB frontend? (“netsurf-fb -f x”) That may fix the weird mappings, but I’m not sure it will help with dead keys; I’ve never gotten the compose key (which in X is similar to dead keys) to work even on the GTK frontend.

Originally Posted by fvgit View Post
Oh, btw, could the xcb library incompatibility have anything to do with it (see my earlier reply above)?
No, the SDL frontend doesn’t use XCB at all. By the way, the proper fix for that would be to remove the symlink, build netsurf-fb on your machine, and link it against your existing libraries. Or, alternately, to update your base system and packages to a new snapshot (one that’s in sync).
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