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Originally Posted by kmike View Post
You would have loved Genera. ... Open source is nice, but no open source system has ever approached the magnificence of Symbolics Genera.

Genera is still my favorite operating system of all time, I kept a Symbolics XL1200 going until a few years ago. VMS is probably my second favorite, with OpenBSD third. All of these systems were very professionally put together, everything was fully documented, and things did what they were supposed to without frills or frivolities. Windows NT was actually like that in the first version (3.5), but went downhill rapidly after that as the Microsoft disease took hold..
I look here and note that Genera, or at least Open Genera, was built from CLIM. I'd heard of this in my dabbling with common lisp, but the open source version McCLIM seems stalled last I looked. I'm wondering, if we take OpenBSD as a solid base, providing a nice tidy Unix, and want to think about what would be worthy to lay on top of it to provide a (comprehensive) windowing environment, would McCLIM be worth exploring? I mean, supposing we reject Gnome/GTK, KDE/Qt, Tk, Gnustep, Enlightenment, etc. Would it be better to think about laying on top of X11 (or its successor?) one of the recent Smalltalk revival efforts or something to be created out of McCLIM as a to do when I retire or windmill to tilt at as free time makes itself available?

I see on SDF's web page they have a Genera system but I don't think the general public has access to it.
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