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You shouldn't have any major big bang why the hell am I doing this kind of issues; just read /usr/ports/UPDATING based on how long it's been since you last updated most programs on your system (hint: 7.0-release is marked).

I'm not familiar with upgrade via CD-ROM, but the usual method via source involves merging changed/updated conf files into your system. The mergemaster script makes it fairly painless (especially with the -Ui options) once 'world' is upgaded.

Be sure to update your system source (e.g. /usr/src) and compile the nvidia driver a new after FreeBSD and X.Org has been upgraded. In my opinion, one should always ensure loadable kernel modules (i.e. drivers) are compiled against the kernel they will run on, for maximum stability ;-).

depending on /just/ how long it's been since your last update of 3rd party software, you might want to take note to updating glib20, gtk20, libxcb, perl5; and running the perl-after-update script as documented in it's manual; and recompiling offenders if you run into problems starting certain applications that depend on them.
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