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In fact I am interested the most in NetBSD more than any other BSD OS.

I'm sure anything can work pretty well, OK I'm not yet as good as other users so then I can not build Mumble but I am sure I am the problem

For now everything I need is here and perfectly functional thanks to maintainers from pkgsrc, I can't dream better.

In fact, I will be convinced NetBSD can be used for a desktop as soon as I will be able to do everything I do on GNU/Linux (except for native gaming but I don't really care about it, NetHack, DosBox and eventually Wine as soon as it is possible will be really enough for me)

I can listen to the music, I can watch movies, I can go on Internet, I am able to do a lot of little basics command on NetBSD (mostly the same on GNU/Linux) etc...

I am sure that NetBSD can be totally used as desktop... It only depends on the user and his capabilities (I know a French user who is 100 % OpenBSD, even for desktop so it is possible)
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